In newspaper interview, Navid discussed Supreme Court nominee and implications for immigrants

In an interview with the Los Angeles Wave newspaper, Navid Dayzad analyzed the Trump administration’s Supreme Court Justice nominee. He explained how this past year’s SCOTUS travel ban decision is a clear indication of what is to come: a conservative-majority Supreme Court unlikely to check the president’s power when it comes to immigration.

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Navid Dayzad argues for government accountability and immigrants’ rights as court deadline approaches

I am outraged!  Courts must continue to hold the government accountable.  Immigrants must be treated fairly, not as criminals. Watch my most passionate arguments yet in this video with CNN and George K. Howell.

Dayzad explains on ABC News effects of Supreme Court travel ban on businesses & immigrants

“As an Iranian-born American, my family and I were able to immigrate to the U.S. for safety. With the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the travel ban, families around the world no longer have this option. The travel ban abandons refugees, limits businesses’ ability to recruit employees, and separates families. I spoke out against the Court’s decision because it endorses a discriminatory policy and denigrates our position in the world.” – Navid Dayzad

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On CNN, Navid Dayzad argues against scapegoating immigrants as criminals, and the indefinite detention of immigrant families

“When I fled as a child refugee, I was fortunate that my family was not inhumanely detained by ICE or scapegoated as criminals.  I was able to attend school and flourish.  Today’s child refugees are hardly given a fair start.  On CNN, I argued that it is unlawful to imprison these children with their families indefinitely.  I was also proud to dispel the myth that immigrants, like me, are criminals.” – Navid Dayzad

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On CNN, Navid Dayzad Explains US-Mexico Border Crisis

On CNN, Navid explains the ongoing immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.  He dismantles the false narrative that all families arriving at the U.S. border are doing so illegally. Instead, these individuals are fleeing violence in their home countries and are lawfully seeking asylum in the U.S.  Yet, due to a Trump administration immigration policy change, border agents are tearing families apart, separating children from their parents.

In just the past month, border agents have separated 2000 children from their families. As if this separation were not traumatic enough, the government has failed to properly track these children and reunify them with their families. Children have experienced physical and mental abuse in the government facilities and, in some cases, have been released to non-custodial adults who traffic the children for labor.

As more information about this human rights catastrophe has emerged, public outrage has increased. We are a nation of immigrants who should be welcoming those who flee violence and who lawfully ask for our help. Navid’s own personal experience drives his empathy, but he reminds us that many of us need only look back a generation or two to our own immigration story to understand the struggle these individuals experience today. From asylum-seekers, to foreign-national employees working in the U.S., to families seeking reunification with their U.S. citizen relatives, the common thread among these individuals is the hope for a better life and opportunity to realize the American Dream.  This is why we will continue to defend the rights of all immigrants, no matter what changes the Trump administration throws our way.

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