Spring and Approvals Are in the Air!

We have survived the winter and the busy H-1B season (we kid, we live in LA and love H-1Bs) and want to share some happy news that happened during that time!  As we move into spring and look… Read More

President Seeks to Take Away H-4 Spouse Employment Authorization

The Trump administration has continuously sought ways to deter lawful immigration. It builds its invisible wall through rule changes and executive order. The latest proposed rule is to take away work authorization for the spouses of H-1B visa… Read More

USCIS Hopes to Avoid Total Premium Processing Suspension

As previously announced, USCIS will be offering premium processing in a two-phased approach during the Fiscal Year 2020 cap season. The hope is that by offering premium processing in two phases, the government can better manage the requests… Read More

“Public Charge” as a an Excuse to Deny Family-Based Immigration Applications

The U.S. Department of State recently issued new data showing that the number of visas issued declined from 2017 to 2018.  Temporary visas issued declined 7%. The number of immigrant visas for individuals seeking permanent residence also declined… Read More

USCIS Announces Two-Phased Premium Processing for H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions

Premium processing will be offered in two phases during this year’s H-1B cap season. The first phase will accept premium processing requests only for cap-subject H-1B petitions that request a change of status within the United States. Petitioners… Read More

Treaty Investor Visa to Become Available for Israeli Citizens

The E-2 Treaty Investor will soon be available to Israeli citizens, as it is to many other countries. According to the Israeli office of Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA), beginning May 1, 2019 Israeli nationals will be eligible… Read More

Dayzad Law’s H-1B Approvals Stand Out from USCIS’ Dreary Statistics

As we wade deeper into H-1B season, we look back at H-1B applications of years past. The government recently released its data on the number of Request for Evidence (“RFE”) it issued for H-1B petitions between 2015 and… Read More

Navid Dayzad 2019 Who’s Who Legal Recognition

We are pleased to announce that our Managing Attorney, Navid Dayzad, has been included in another leading industry publication, Who’s Who Legal: Corporate Immigration 2019.  Who’s Who Legal compiles the leading attorneys in the field, and selection is… Read More

USCIS Processing Backlogs Cause Delays and Uncertainty for Lawful Immigrants

We have written previously about the measures the Trump administration has taken to build its “invisible wall” to deter legal immigration.  One such action has been to significantly delay the processing times of adjudicating a typical immigration application. … Read More

New H-1B Lottery Rules; Odds of Winning Increase 16% For Employees With Master’s Or Higher Degrees From U.S. Universities

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced a new final rule changing the regulations governing H-1B cap-subject petitions. There are two major changes to this process: 1) the introduction of an electronic registration system (not yet in effect… Read More