Immigration Guidance

Dayzad Law Offices has expertise in nearly every type of immigration case, such as those listed in the Immigration Options page. Our Immigration Tips help clients reduce costs and increase efficiency by avoiding problems before they arise. Most immigration cases can benefit from the help of our experienced immigration attorneys, who are proficient in navigating the complexities of immigration law and can offer effective solutions for clients’ immigration needs.

Employer ComplianceEmployer Compliance
Immigration raids at worksites are increasing. These
employer compliance tips are essential to safeguarding your work
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immigration_tips-computerImmigration Tips
To help our foreign-national employees that our law firm represents, we offer immigration pointers, international travel tips and overview of obtaining a green card through a labor certification.
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candy-flags-150x150bImmigration Options
Two basic paths exist for obtaining legal immigration status in the United States. A foreign-national can either apply for a temporary visa or permanent residence (a.k.a “green card”).
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need2Do I need a lawyer?
If your immigration plans are important to you, it is worthwhile to have an experienced immigration attorney to guide you through the complex and ever-changing process. An attorney will greatly improve your chances of success.
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