Travel Ban Faces Lawsuit

As a part of Trump’s travel ban, foreign-nationals from the seven blocked countries, are prevented from entering the United States. The only way to circumvent this ban is to apply for a waiver, which is issued at the discretion of the government on a case-by-case basis. As a response to this, a coalition of organizations has filed a class action lawsuit challenging the implementation of the waiver provisions in the travel ban.  The groups argue that the waiver application adjudication is inconsistent and arbitrary.  The lawsuit aims to ensure that those who qualify for waivers actually receive them and are issued visas.

According to the State Department, the government has approved only 2% of waivers. Former U.S. consular officials have called the process “fraudulent.” The lawsuit hopes to clarify and implement a waiver process for those who would otherwise be unable to immigrate to the United States so that they can reunite with family or join employers who need them.  The lawsuit is one way to fight against the discriminatory ban, which marginalizes entire groups of people based on their religious belief or countries of origin. Though we hope the ban is lifted entirely, we applaud these organizations that are doing what they can to navigate the uncertain immigration policies set forth by the current administration.

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