USCIS announced this week that it has completed selecting H-1B lottery winners.  So far this H-1B season, we have beaten the odds with a 70% winning rate for our clients!  We expect notification for any additional H-1B lottery winners in the next couple weeks.  USCIS will now begin returning the H-1B petitions that were not selected.  USCIS does not state a timeframe for when these petitions will be returned, but we estimate a couple months.  You will not know definitively whether you won or lost the lottery until the petition package is returned by USCIS.

Additionally, Premium Processing of H-1B applications continues to be suspended until further notice. Dayzad Law will continue to monitor H-1B lottery winners and any updates on the availability of Premium Processing for our clients. Although we have had tremendous success so far this H-1B season, we remain hopeful that the last few selections will trickle in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!