As many of our clients know and as we have reported previously, the government is taking much longer than it has in the past to adjudicate most application types. Between these major backlogs, and what seem like annual government shutdowns, the immigration process can be one long waiting game. Some folks do not have the luxury of time to wait for the government to process their applications, and may require expedited services. We are proud to have helped our clients find success with this complex and difficult expedite process. While we do not have control over how quickly the government works, we aim to provide our clients with in-depth analysis and creative solutions where possible.

5-Star AVVO

Navid and his team helped me with my F1 post-completion OPT process. They helped expedite the process as it was taking longer than expected and all along the way he was super helpful, responded quickly to my questions, and talked through the tricky parts. He was also very supportive when the process slowed to a crawl with the govt shutdown, year-end holidays and I was freaking out. Thank you for the great experience and service!