The path to citizenship can be a long and complicated road.  Folks often wait several years and complete multiple immigration applications before they even become eligible for U.S. citizenship. Once they have applied, they then must prepare for an interview and study for an exam. I understand this process can be stressful for our clients, so I do my best to make it as smooth as possible. I could not be happier to welcome our newest American citizens who have shared their experiences below.

“We would like to thank Navid and his team for the great support they provided during the immigration matter process and especially the path to U.S. citizenship. From the initial meeting to the completion of this journey, we received comprehensive and attentive advice. Having a friendly and detail-oriented service during an important step of your life is highly appreciated and makes all the difference.”

“My husband and I came to Navid with a pretty complicated case that we originally thought wasn’t able to be remedied.  I went from undocumented, to green card holder and now citizen with Navid and his team’s amazing work. I wouldn’t be a citizen without them.”