There have long been rumors that the government would be increasing the government filing fees for immigration applications. That day has finally come. USCIS has released its new fee schedule and will require a new fee for many application types.  Fees will rise by an average of 20%.

USCIS will also modify some forms.  Thus, additional work may be needed to provide more information or revise forms we have already prepared.

Shame on the government for rewarding itself with more money, despite its slower processing times and wasteful, unwarranted “vetting” of immigrants.

Act now and don’t reward the government!  If you have been waiting to start an immigration process, do it now and take advantage of the lower government fees.  For our existing clients, provide all the documents and information we requested as soon as possible.  Your quick work will greatly increase the chance that your application will not be subject to the increased government fee or costs for re-doing forms.  If you are unable to timely provide the necessary information, we will contact you to issue a government fee for the new amount.

Fortunately, there are still no government fees required to the Department of Labor for labor certification applications or labor condition applications (for H-1B and E-3 application packages).