The Immigration Services has conducted the majority of the H-1B lottery from the pool of electronic registrations.  It has notified those who have won the lottery so far.  Lottery winners can submit H-1B applications to prove H-1B eligibility.  The government may reopen the lottery in the coming months, so there is still a chance that a registration will be selected to apply for H-1B status.

Current Clients:

  • Lottery Winners: We have prepared Extensive H-1B Program applications to submit to the government on approximately the first day USCIS will accept them. These applications will be at the front of the line for processing by the government.  This is especially important because USCIS has suspended premium processing for all applications because of the H-1B workload and COVID-19.
  • Lottery Status Pending: Those whose lottery registration has not been selected remain in consideration for H-1B lottery selection until September 30, 2021. The government may reopen the lottery in the coming months to select additional registrants to apply for H-1B status. We have prepared Extensive H-1B Program applications so they are ready to submit as soon as a registration is selected. We continue to monitor lottery results and will notify clients immediately of any updates from the government.

New Clients: For registrations selected in the initial H-1B lottery, the government has started accepting applications beginning April 1. Lottery winners will have limited time to submit their H-1B applications. Dayzad Law Offices can help prepare H-1B petitions and help employers overcome the challenges of getting a late start on the H-1B application process. For example, we can:

  • Analyze important immigration deadlines and suggest creative solutions to try to continue employment authorization for employees.
  • Set a strategy for the H-1B petition to prepare the petition within the government’s short timeline for submission.
  • Provide legal strategies to address delays during the busy H-1B filing window, including government delays for Labor Condition Applications and company FEIN verification.
  • Recommend third-party service providers to try to obtain critical educational evaluations quickly.
  • Make recommendations to address government adjudication delays in light of the recent premium processing suspension.

Congratulations to all the H-1B lottery winners so far!