Employers should act quickly to secure top talent from around the world! H-1B is the most popular temporary work status for professionals. H-1B is also the best status for many employees seeking a green card.

Employers must register their H-1B candidates by the end of March. The government will conduct a lottery to determine which applications it will accept. Applications will be accepted for 90 days following a lottery win.  If approved, H-1B status will be valid starting October 1.

H-1B status is ideal for foreign nationals with a U.S. job offer and at least a relevant Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent work experience). Employees with U.S. Master’s degrees may have better odds of winning the H-1B lottery. It may take more than one attempt to obtain H-1B status.

We are now preparing H-1B registrations and applications. We have created two H-1B program options, to give employers flexibility and conserve company resources. To ensure timely registration – and to avoid a rush service fee – be sure to contact our office about your H-1B cap candidates by 2/1/2021.