You may know by now that the current President has succeeded in building his “invisible wall.”  This administration has made it more difficult for immigrants to apply for and quickly obtain immigration benefits, due to things like processing backlogs, fee increases, and overzealous policies and adjudication practices. Despite all of this, we – our firm and our community – have thrived. That is why we are so thrilled to share the experience of the client below. We look forward to many more success stories like this—especially with the new administration that once again welcomes immigrants and sets policies to help rather than hinder them.

Mr. Dayzad and his team proved to be extremely professional and great to work with! I must admit, Dayzad’s team exceeded my expectations which I held very high. My case was processed fast and accurately. Most importantly I was amazed by how quickly my case was reviewed and approved by USCIS. It felt like I received my approval documents within a blink of an eye. Extremely satisfied client and I would highly recommend Dayzad Law Offices!