Establishing the Vetting Center is part of the current administration’s efforts to introduce tougher vetting and tighter screening for all individuals seeking to enter the United States. The Department of Homeland Security will house the Vetting Center with the goal of improving intra-agency and department coordination and use of intelligence and other information in the vetting process.

Per the Homeland Security statement, the Center intends to “fuse intelligence and law enforcement data from across the government in one place to detect threats early.”  As a part of this process, the Center will focus on those seeking a visa, visa waiver, or an immigration benefit, which will likely continue to slow the immigration process for those seeking to enter the U.S.  It could also cause further headaches and delays for those merely trying to visit for business or tourism, both in obtaining a visa and upon entry at a U.S. port. As the administration continues to roll out different programs and departments aimed at “extreme vetting” of immigrants, it remains as important as ever to ensure that all immigration-related applications are completed thoroughly and correctly.  As the vetting process intensifies, we have yet to see exactly how the National Vetting Center will affect the overall immigration process, but we do know what it will likely require is preparation and patience.