U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently launched two new traveler compliance initiatives to make it easier for Visa Waiver Program travelers to check the status of their stay in the United States and remain in compliance with the terms of their admission. CBP added a new feature to its I-94 website, which allows travelers to check the status of their admission. The new feature under the “View Compliance” tab informs travelers of the number of days remaining on their lawful admission or the number of days they have remained past their admitted until date. Additionally, CBP now sends an email notification to travelers who are still in the U.S. 10 days prior to the expiration of their lawful admission period. These tools are all in an effort to prevent travelers from overstaying the terms of their admission.

To check the admitted until date and remaining number of days in the U.S., a traveler will need to enter his or her biographic and passport information on the I-94 website. Admission time frames vary for every traveler depending on class of admission and visa type. This website also provides a digital copy of a traveler’s Form I-94. It is very important that Form I-94 be issued correctly, as it provides non-immigrant visitors evidence they have been lawfully admitted to the United States, which is necessary for future immigration processes.   Because of its importance, we suggest those traveling internationally review our international travel tips and information on obtaining a correctly issued Form I-94.