We have survived the winter and the busy H-1B season (we kid, we live in LA and love H-1Bs) and want to share some happy news that happened during that time!  As we move into spring and look for renewal and rejuvenation, we are motivated by stories like the one from a client below. Even in this political climate, it is a nice reminder that our clients continue to find immigration success. We are as energized as ever to continue to work diligently with our clients to meet their goals and obtain lawful status, so that they may have a fresh start in the U.S.

5 star avvo

I applied for a green card through marriage to my husband. We live on the East Coast and were recommended to seek out Navid Dayzad by a lawyer (here on the east coast) that was unable to fit us in. It was the best recommendation I have ever had from anyone for anything. I have been through the visa process 8 times and was prepared for the worst. Dayzad and his team made the process as painless as they could. It was a huge burden off of our shoulders to be able to ask questions and know that a team of lawyers would physically look through our application, and not just submit it. The cost was truly worth every penny. We never had to worry there would be something that went wrong with the application, and knowing that whenever we needed an answer to a question we would have a response ASAP. I cannot thank them enough.