The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has appointed Ur M. Jaddou as its new director.  Jaddou is a daughter of immigrants and a California native.  Her appointment shows a return to the agency’s commitment to welcoming and serving immigrants.

In a statement, she stated, “Since January, USCIS has taken immediate steps to reduce barriers to legal immigration, increase accessibility for immigration benefits, and reinvigorate the size and scope of humanitarian relief. As USCIS director, I will work each and every day to ensure our nation’s legal immigration system is managed in a way that honors our heritage as a nation of welcome and as a beacon of hope to the world; reducing unnecessary barriers and supporting our agency’s modernization.”

We look forward to working with an agency that once again welcomes and values immigrants. We are hopeful that this change in direction will lead to an even smoother process for all of our clients.