Navigating any immigration process can be a daunting experience. We hope that with us by their side, clients know they are not alone – no matter how complex their case may seem! It is clients like those below that remind us daily that the extra attention and preparation we give to every case can truly make a difference in our clients’ lives.

5 star avvo

To call our marriage greencard application complicated would be an understatement. We were dealing with a vengeful ex who was making false allegations in criminal court, filing restraining orders, and making Title IX complaints with my husband’s college — all in an attempt to tie us in legal knots and get him to lose his F-1 student visa, thrown in jail, and ultimately deported. Greencard applicants are required to be of “good moral character” and she was trying every trick in the book to tarnish his good name and be denied legal residency. Navigating that labyrinth would’ve been impossible on our own. Navid and Francesca kept our hope alive, showed us the light at the end of the tunnel, and had us so fully prepared in giving our testimony and providing documentation, that we were granted our greencard the same day as our interview. Cannot recommend more highly!