Donald Trump wrote briefly on Twitter yesterday that he will sign an Executive Order to “temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.”  The Executive Order is being hastily drafted following President Trump’s announcement, and officials cannot yet provide any details about what the Order will say or how it will impact U.S. immigration.  Sources predict the Executive Order will be ready for the President’s signature in the next few days.  Until then, it is unknown what type of immigration matters it will try to temporarily restrict, to what extent, or when they intend for the changes to start taking effect.

The legal basis for such an Executive Order is suspicious.  Immigration attorneys and advocates are already planning to halt such an Executive Order by asking the courts for an injunction until the courts can determine whether the President’s Executive Order is lawful.

What Dayzad Law Offices is Doing to Help:

  • We will be continually monitoring important immigration developments throughout the day, every day. We will contact clients directly and through our blog to alert you of changes that impact you.
  • We will devise strategies for immigration success, despite the Trump Administration’s usual roadblocks. We will continue to monitor the progress of your case and make recommendations to keep your immigration matters in good order.
  • We will continue to join and support immigration advocates to fight President Trump’s policies.

What You Can Do Today:

  • Help us help you! For those clients that have received emails from our office requesting documents or information, please respond to us as soon as possible.  We’ll be doing our best to finalize and submit immigration applications quickly, to take advantage of any filing windows or grace periods.
  • Watch our Blog! We will be posting updates regarding the Executive Order as soon as they are available.  As usual, our blog will keep you informed of immigration policy changes and how they might impact your case, more quickly than our monthly e-mail compilation of blogs.

Dayzad Law will be available to all our clients—existing and new—as we navigate these new challenges. With your help, we will continue to advocate for justice, fairness, and equality for all.