All green card applicants must undergo a medical examination as a part of the application process. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) designates certain doctors to perform the medical exam.  Successful completion of the medical exam is an integral part of the application process.  If not done correctly, the green card application will be delayed or even denied.

One cause for the government to reject an otherwise complete medical exam is if the doctor uses an older version of the form.  The doctor must input the results of the medical exam on the current edition of Form I-693. Starting September 23, 2019, the government will only accept medical exam results completed on the latest edition (dated 07/15/2019). If you will soon be submitting your green card application and obtaining a medical exam, be sure that your doctor is using the most up-to-date form version. This will avoid delays in your case and save you a second trip to the doctor!