The government requires Green Card applicants to attend an interview as part of the application process.  Applicants whose Green Cards are based on a new marriage are then issued conditional, temporary residence and must file another petition to remove these conditions just two years later. As if this process was not already thorough enough, USCIS will soon request that these applicants attend yet another interview to demonstrate the true nature of their relationship. While additional interviews have always been a possibility, it will now become much more likely for both pending and newly submitted Removal of Conditions applications.

If you have a Removal of Conditions application pending, you can still apply for Naturalization.  In fact, it will speed up the often-backlogged Removal of Conditions process. Better still, because an interview is already required for citizenship, USCIS will do the interview for the Removal of Conditions back to back with the interview for U.S. citizenship.  This way, the applicant can take care of both processes during the same trip to the immigration office.

Whether coupled with a citizenship interview or not, Removal of Conditions applicants can expect an interview. Dayzad Law now offers legal services to prepare clients for the Removal of Conditions application, as well as representation at the interview with one of our experienced attorneys.  We will review the information in the application package, conduct role-play with sample questions, and provide guidance on what to expect the day of the interview.