Part of the application process for U.S. citizenship is demonstrating an understanding of U.S. history and civics. In order to demonstrate such knowledge, applicants are given an informal civics test at their citizenship interview.  Certain applicants do not have to take the test.

The government has now revised and added some new questions.  The possible questions increased from 100 to 128. Applicants will now be asked 20 questions from the exam, instead of 10. Fortunately, the requirement to answer 60% of questions correctly remains the same. This means Applicants must now answer 12 out 20 questions correctly. This new testing format is effective for all applications filed on or after December 1, 2020. You can review the new questions here:

We will continue to prepare our clients for their citizenship interviews and the civics questions as usual. We are confident that despite these changes, our clients will continue to find success.