Congratulations again to all of our first-time H-1B employees!  These applications won big this year – all Dayzad Law H-1B applications that were selected in the lottery and submitted in April have been adjudicated and approved in record time— before the end of May, even without paying the government for premium processing! These fast decisions that bring certainty for employees and employers came for two reasons.  There were zero Requests for Evidence which cause delays and costs, because the application packages left no room for doubt.  Also, employers were very supportive of their employees in choosing to have all applications prepared and ready for the first day the government would accept the applications, April 1, rather than gambling on the H-1B lottery.  Even the height of COVID-19 shut downs did not stop us! A big thanks to our HR partners and foreign-national clients for their strong collaboration during the government’s new H-1B process that started this year.  Teamwork makes the dream work!