Immigrants face many life challenges, like family separation, job insecurity, violence, or poverty. Our goal is to at least make the immigration case easy for them.  We are so happy to see when we accomplish this goal! We love working with our amazing clients like the one below.

Dayzad Law put all their dedication and ability into handling my complicated immigration case. From the first consultation until the approval of my case, they showcased both their vast immigration knowledge and earnest commitment to clients. Dayzad Law are lawyers every immigrant would want: always available and quick to respond to emails and phone calls, detailed oriented, empathetic, caring, and very serious and committed to the success of your case. I was genuinely surprised by their work ethic and the quality of their service. It is clear that they are not motivated by money, but by their honest desire to help immigrants.  Suffices to say that important Los Angeles based lawyers refused my complicated case or were skeptical about my immigration situation, while Dayzad Law prepared a strong and compelling immigration application, that resulted in an unusually fast and successful approval from USCIS. I would recommend them to anyone, and there will never be enough works to thank them for their invaluable service.